It's all about the perfect fit

At Okana we know the importance of ensuring that any piece you buy fits perfectly, which is why we provide you with an extensive guide so that there is no doubt that it fits perfectly.

  • extra girl

    Bust : 65-75cm

    Cup: A

    Underbust : 65-70cm

    Waist: 55-60cm

    Hip: 85-89cm

  • Girl

    Bust : 75-85cm

    Cup: B

    Underbust : 70-75cm

    Waist: 60-65cm

    Hip: 89-93cm

  • Median

    Bust : 85-95cm

    Cup: C

    Underbust : 75-80cm

    Waist: 65-70cm

    Hip: 93-99cm

  • Big

    Bust : 95-105cm

    Cup: D

    Underbust : 80-85cm

    Waist: 70-75cm

    Hip: 99-103cm

  • Extra big

    Bust : 105-115cm

    Cup: DD

    Underbust : 80-90cm

    Waist: 70-80cm

    Hip: 103-107cm

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  • Cheeky

    - Small coverage

    - Show more buttocks

    - Very flattering and hot

  • Moderate

    - Moderate Coverage

    - Shows little gluteus

    - Comfortable and flattering

  • Full

    - Complete coverage

    - Covers the entire buttock

    - Comfortable feel

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